BIGEst ist the regional platform for bioinformatics.


BIGEst is the regional platform for bioinformatics. It involves teams from GMGM, IBMC, IBMP, ICube, IGBMC, IPHC and LGM laboratories, with expertise, bioinformatics tools and resources, data mining algorithms, focused on evolutionary and functional analyses in various application domains, including biomedical studies, plants, yeast and bacteria.

Software development


The CEToolbox application is a calculator for capillary electrophoresis for Android devices. It aims to provide several information on the separation of compounds like the hydrodynamic injection, the volume of the capillary, the injection plug length or the quantity of injected analyte. The application works with any type of CE system.

The code is available on GitHub and the application can be downloaded from the Google and F-Droid application stores.


Mychem is a chemoinformatics extension for MySQL and MariaDB released under the GNU GPL license. It provides a set of functions that permits to handle chemical data within the database. These functions permit to search, analyze and convert chemical data. It is based on Open Babel.

The code is available on GitHub.

More information

Visit the BIGGest website.