SCIGNE Platform

SCIGNE is the large scientific data analysis and management platform at IPHC.


SCIGNE is a platform dedicated to the processing and management of massive scientific data. Hosted at IPHC, it is open to regional, national and international scientific actors. It has a calculation and storage infrastructure for data recognised at European level and interconnected with the infrastructures of several partners ( France Grilles, IFB, EGI and WLCG). Its team of engineers with technical expertise offers a large range of complementary scientific services (scientific software development, IA training, user training, implementation of data management plan, ...) allowing to respond to the challenges of Big Data and the implementation of Open Science.

Software development

Despite my responsibilities within the SCIGNE platform, as well as in other projects, I still have some time left to contribute to free software development.


Quattor is a system administration toolkit providing a powerful, portable, and modular set of tools for the automated installation, configuration, and management of clusters, farms, grids and clouds. I am contributing mainly to grid- and cloud-related components. Software development related to Quattor are available on GitHub.


Cloudkeeper-OS is the OpenStack backend for Cloudkeeper, a software for keeping OpenStack image list up to date with the EGI central repository.

I have also started the ImageKeeper project, whose objective is to provide an independent tool for synchronising images on different Clouds.

OpenStack security

I am maintaining currently two OpenStack security-related software:

More information

Visit the SCIGNE website.
Visit the Quattor website.
Follow the development on GitHub.